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Unlock the Next Level of Surface Shaping.

With Smart Piezo Actuator and Drive Technologies.

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Flexible in Actuator Design

Through the combination of active, semi-active or hybrid piezo actuator technologies with different designs, specific requirements in terms of strokes, forces, or resolutions can be met.

Flexible in Operation

The combination of dynamic, quasi-static, and mixed operation makes the generation of different amplitudes with minimized position noise possible.

Flexible in Shape

Variable arrangements of actuators or actuator arrays will enable different types of deformations with highest resolution. Smart wiring, drive, and sensor concepts can simplify the hardware environment.

Flexible in Feature Size

Utilizing piezo ceramic material with a structured composition will enable highest operational flexibility and shaping of the smallest features.

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Enter the next level of surface shaping.

“We have created a hybrid solution with smart actuator arrays to cover the customer requirements of tomorrow.”

Engineers Jonas Reiser and Mathias Winter give insights into the development process of PI's surface shaping solutions for the future.

Driving Markets & Applications

Shaping surfaces of optical components or substrates with high resolution will make it possible to increase imaging and manufacturing quality, e.g. in laser processing applications or in the highly sensitive semiconductor production.

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