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Our Core Technologies

PI's portfolio is based on several core technologies reflecting our commitment to providing innovative solutions for precision positioning and motion control. For numerous applications, in various industries.

Piezo Technologies

Manufacturing of piezoelectric materials, design and production as well as assembly of components and subassemblies.

Piezo Drive & Positioning Technologies

Design and production of piezo-based drives and systems using different modes, e.g., linear and bending actuators, inertia drives, ultrasonic motors, or piezo walk drives.

Parallel Kinematics & Hexapod Technologies

Design and production of parallel-kinematic, multi-axis systems, e.g., hexapods, including parallel kinematics calculation algorithms, calibration methods, kinematic structures, and joint designs.

Sensor Technologies

Design of position measuring solutions, e.g., capacitive sensors, optical encoders, interferometers, as well as calibration methods.

Flexure Joint Technologies

Design and production of multi-axis flexure guidings and stages.

Magnetic Drive & Levitation Technologies

Design and production of electromagnetic drives including magnetic bearing solutions.

Air Bearing Technologies

Design and production of motion and positioning solutions using air bearings.

Control Strategies & Controllers

Design and customization of control architectures and interfaces especially for static and dynamic precision positioning solutions, including soft- and firmware, source code, and control algorithms.

Electronic Circuit Design

Design and production of electronic hardware to drive, control PI‘s motion, positioning, and bearing solutions.

Our R&D Capabilities

PI has always had a strong focus on research and development: We invest in expertise and expansion to continously expand our capabilities.


Applying extensive experience in precision positioning and its use in different markets, PI provides sound advice and new approaches along the planning and design process. We offer support early in the design phase to determine optimal solutions for specific applications – always taking into account feasibility, profitability, and required timeline.

R&D Focus

Approx. 200 development engineers on 3 continents fill PI’s constantly evolving technology pipeline with more than 400 new developments per year. To maintain our global innovation backbone of more than 500 patents to date, we put emphasis on reinvesting a significant part of our turnover in R&D.


Our broad portfolio enables us to efficiently configure according to customer needs – from small components to multi-axis systems, from small to large quantities, from standard products to highly customized solutions. To achieve the required performance, PI realizes flexible configuration and application-specific adaptation of orders combining different drive technologies and motion axes. For this purpose, our controller and software platform enables uniform operation and simple integration, regardless of the drive technologies used.


Our systems’ space-optimized design and high power density enable the development of machines with maximum throughput in the smallest space. Making the best possible use of available installation space while achieving higher yields results in a high return on investment in relation to the unit produced.


In line with our high quality standards, we have a designated 185 sqm of ISO class 5 cleanroom for vacuum & cryo application projects.

Vertical Integration

Our customers benefit from our technological breadth and vertical range of manufacturing: We offer different levels of integration and choose the proper technological solution for the application, designing our products and systems so that they optimally fit into our customers’ applications and are quickly ready for operation.

Innovation Partnering

Through harnessing synergies and collaborating with customers and partners from our network around the globe along with our competencies and capacities, we are able to tread new paths and develop technologies that go beyond what is possible today.
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